nelly's security surveillance system

The Challenge

Nelly’s Security needed a new platform which would provide them with flexibility and scalability.

Nelly’s Security is a provider of Security, Surveillance, and Loss Prevention products, located in Tulsa, OK, USA. The company aims to offer security equipment at the highest quality and reasonable price.
In mid 2015, as the company was expanding its operation , it needed a new platform which would be able to support a much larger database. Needless to say, this is vital for a company that provides security solutions for customers. In addition, the store database, including product, order and customer information would also have to be transferred to a new platform to ensure the company can operate smoothly without interruptions. As Nelly’s was using Salesforce as its third party CRM system, the data transfer was not a one-off activity. In fact, it needed a tool for syncing data between the store database and the CRM database automatically.

The Solution

Understanding the challenges that the company had to face, our team at Magenest focused on building a store platform which would build customer trust at first sight. Firstly, the web design is straightforward and simple. This is to save customers from getting overwhelmed with technical details of security products. Secondly, we also developed a customized solution for data integration between the Magento store and Salesforce CRM. This gives Nelly’s full control over the data synchronization process.
Thanks to the consistent database available on both the store and Salesforce CRM platform at any moment, customer support can be offered in the right place and at the right time.
The company achieved a 70% shorter response time, 50% increase in revenue, and 30% shorter lead time.


The success of companies selling technical products lies in their ability to build trust with customers. Firstly, Nelly’s kept it simple: product information, tech support, product and user guides are available and within easy access to make customer learn about the product easily. Free support was also needed to give customers peace of mind. To add the final touch, the company also provides a clear warranty and return policy. Real time synchronization eliminates the need of unnecessary data entry, keep their systems synchronized and data updated in time for decision making.


We helped with the integration of data between the existing Salesforce database and the Magento Store, including:

  • Customer Database
  • Product Database
  • Order Database
  • Invoice Database

And, we migrated the old database from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise.

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